Finansure is created and helmed by a team of 4 tied agency financial planners, with more than 10 years of combined knowledge and experience in the financial industry.


Along the years, we noticed that prospects and clients alike have a greater need for information when it come to their personal financial reviews. Finansure is created to allow easy access for all whom are interested to learn more about finance and insurance matters.


Being tied agency planners, the team will not provide in-depth information with regards to individual product information or comparisons. This is to prevent bias and increase impartiality. Besides, there are numerous local sites and discussion groups that already provide such comparison services.


Along the way, we seek to provide blog posts that will detail commonly asked, or popular topics that our own prospects and clients have seeked answers to. In the event that there is a burning question that you like answered, feel free to drop us an email with your query and we will gladly do our best to provide an answer in a suitable time.



Keith: Having 8 years of insurance experience with over 400 clients has led to a firm belief in the importance of financial and protection coverage for everyone. Envisions being a public speaker one day to spread the word about insurance coverage.



Swen: A book junkie with an education background in Life Sciences and work experience in healthcare and finance. Loves to hang out and extend a helping hand to people and animals.



HY: (under construction)




Sher: Financial planner in career, writer in ambition, performer in dreams. Can be found at her desk munching away 9 out of 10 times; the 10th is at the office pantry.